Elisa, escort girl à Paris

Today, probably, every adult has heard of such a concept as “escort services,” and knows what their main essence is. In Ukraine, as in a number of other countries - the former CIS, this kind of services is no longer surprising and stormy condemnation from the public.

But there are states where it is extremely difficult to imagine this phenomenon. Take, for example, escort services in Israel - a state that is associated exclusively with Biblical sites (such as: Jerusalem, Nazareth, Capernaum, Baniyas), the Prophet and Apostles, the pilgrimage of millions of believers from all over the world 70% consists of Jews.

However, this once again proves that, despite religion and spiritual education, men, as well as women, are ordinary people, with their sins and vices.

An interesting fact is that the percentage of indigenous women who provide, along with migrants and illegal immigrants, escort services in Israel (where the economic situation is quite stable) is growing every year.

Is this due to the fact that beautiful Israeli women, having given a debt to the state and having served two years in the army, removing heavy rough shoes and setting aside weapons, dream even one night to feel like the only desired weak woman, while also earning money?

After all, by and large, escort services are not limited to intimate. They also represent the presence of beautiful ladies of this category at various public events next to a person who is able to pay (and pay well!) For his desire to surround himself with beautiful things.

And another question that bothers me, considering some features of the aforementioned nationality: if a woman accompanies a man to a restaurant until the moment of closeness, for example, does she pay for her order on the bill?

Although, why, speaking about escort services, we always represent women? This can be done by men living in Israel. And despite the fact that their percentage is not so great, yet such a phenomenon also takes place in this sacred country, where nothing human is alien to it.



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