Elisa, escort girl à Paris

The emigration of Slavic girls to Israel has become commonplace. We interviewed a girl who herself decided to tell her story and lift the veil over the concept of escort services in Israel.

There is a perception that prostitution and escort services are one and the same. Tell readers what is really called an escort service?

- Soviet hardening and lack of information gave rise to the erroneous opinion that an escort is something, shamefully, something to be silent about. But few people know that escort services in Israel have nothing to do with prostitution. This is, first of all, communication with interesting people in the company of a handsome young man. My main task is to accompany the client at business meetings, social events and other events where it is not customary to appear alone.

From your words it follows that the work consists only in friendly communication. Is it so?

- Of course, friendly relations must be present with any client. Sometimes it is allowed to flirt easily, because the girl who provides escort services in Israel, positions itself as its companion. For this, it is not necessary to go to bed with him. It is important that a woman can enchant not only him, but also those around her.

How difficult is this profession, and is the game worth the candle?

- In fact, there are no difficulties, and each girl can provide escort services in Israel. A pleasant working moment is that I always look my best. Appearance should be on top. Impeccable taste, slim body, gorgeous hair and stylish clothes - this is what characterizes the girl who provides escort services in Israel.

However, this requires a visit to the expensive beauty treatments, beauty salons and shopping centers. Where can a young girl get funds for this?

- Escort services in Israel are well paid. Often, clients are successful young people who want to look at a triumphantly, walking under the handle with a spectacular lady. This income is quite enough to fully provide themselves with all necessary.

And finally, so that you could advise girls who would like to provide escort services in Israel, but still doubt their decision?

- I want to say that I was one of them too. I would never have thought that I would find myself in this occupation. I gained success, new acquaintances and self-confidence due to the fact that I risked changing something in my life.



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