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Knowledge of time management is needed not only by highly paid specialists and entrepreneurs, sometimes they are also required by ordinary employees. Especially in times of crisis, since many have reduced or cut their wages.

How to find a side job?

The employee who had received a decent salary now found himself in a double position. It seems that I don’t want to leave the homeland, maybe everything will be settled after some time, but the money that he is paying now is not comparable with his idea of  a decent wage. In this case, the person has two ways. Of course, he can quit and go to the labor exchange, but today there is a crisis in many industries, so there are quite a few such applicants, but there are few decent jobs. There is no certainty that then you will not have to back down and agree to all the conditions of the employer, just to get back. Or you can simply find an additional part-time job, agree on a main job for a small change in the schedule. For example, to leave in the evening is not at 6, but at 5. If an employee is in good standing, he will be met.

The second job will make a person more financially independent. Perhaps, the salary on it will be not so big, but it will help to cover the main expenses and will become a kind of alternate aerodrome. If problems arise at the main workplace, then it will be possible to change one’s attitude towards a part-time job and make it a priority activity. The second job for girls can be excellent work in Israel

In addition to temporary discounts at work, you can also more efficiently organize your time so that it is enough for both part-time work and rest. Time is a common resource, personal effectiveness depends on the ability to spend it. Why can two people with the same start-up capital succeed in business in different ways? It is because of their knowledge and skills. The same goes for time. All people on earth are given 24 hours a day, only they use it differently. Girls can easily earn extra money in an escort service in Israel

How does a person spend money? For example, he goes to the store, buys clothes, then walks into a supermarket and buys groceries. He spends well-planned amounts on everything. You should treat your time exactly the same way. For example, an hour to draw up a document, another hour to negotiate. And you need to take matters only on the shoulder. If it is initially clear that this is too difficult and time consuming, and obviously it will not bring the necessary cash exhaust, then it is better to refuse to perform this task. The man does not buy clothes for which he has no money yet. It is necessary to dig a little, and not to take a loan, so that later not to run in time trouble.

Any minute should be used on business. If you have to stand in a queue or in a traffic jam, this time should be spent on something useful, and not an empty viewing of the tape in the social network. You can call customers, listen to some important book in the recording, or simply pay bills from your mobile phone.

We must learn to save our time and not waste it on trifles for meaningless telephone conversations, parties, going to clubs or unnecessary trips to visit. Of course, it is also necessary to have fun and relax, but too much time is spent by the modern person for extra parties, which later also have to rest. By the way, the rest itself implies switching activities. For example, the brain is perfectly rested during the evening run, and for the body sport is generally more useful than taking alcohol too much and too fatty foods. The better a person feels, the more efficiently he works.

From time to time, priorities should be reviewed and income from each activity analyzed. If a person sees that he receives more money from a part-time job, and not from the main job, then it makes sense to devote more time to it, but leave his main workplace. But this should be done only if the employee is confident in his abilities and knows that he can provide himself with a decent standard of living. You can not build on the momentary benefits and any one large order for freelancing. Income from additional work must be permanent, otherwise it is simply dangerous to make this type of activity a major activity.



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