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Remove a prostitute in Israel

Sex in Israel has long been developed. Of course, it cannot be called the Mecca of sex tourism, such as Thailand. However, the hot climate, the relaxedness of people, half-naked women and democracy make some parts of a small country interesting for a "pleasant holiday."

Naturally, a dilemma arises: there are prostitutes in Israel, how to remove them?

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The 21st century is considered the age of Internet technology, which makes it easier for customers to do this. The operation can be carried out through our website. Go to the main page, enter the city in the search box and get a catalog of girls with a detailed description of their services and cost, as well as all the necessary information about a particular confusion.

All girls who want to work as a prostitute in Israel can leave a questionnaire until the end of 2018.

If our site does not suit you, analyze where prostitutes live in Israel, and for how many they can be removed.

Street prostitutes

From the name it is clear that the whores are on the street. For example, in Tel Aviv (Israel’s main sex center), the main locations of street priestesses of love are:

• Ar-Zion Street;

• Lewinsky Street;

• Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan;

• Bus station area, Tahana-merkazit.

The cheapest prostitutes work here. Their cost does not exceed 150 shekels (almost $ 41) / hour. However, the risk of infection with venereal and other diseases is extremely high. Even 60-year-old women can offer services for money! The main category of women is foreigners and especially representatives of African countries. Israeli women are rare.

Public houses

Here prices are higher, up to 500 shekels / half an hour. However, some experienced prostitutes manage to “process” the client in 10 minutes, and when he is “ready,” he is carefully pushed out of the door. This is called “quick customer satisfaction” or “letaktek client” in Hebrew.

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Most whores are Israeli, but there are many Russian-speaking prostitutes. The risk of getting sick is much lower. The client may even be offered a clean towel and shower (albeit, more often than not, it will be dirty). The age of brothel employees is within 45 years.

Massage rooms

It is much cleaner here than in brothels. The client does have a massage service, but more often, it will be unprofessional. At the end of the service there will be an “extra” procedure. Some offices require additional payment for it, others do not. It may be:

• Full intercourse;

• Oral stimulation;

• Mutual masturbation.

But the customer can be limited to a simple massage.

Cost of service up to 400 shekels / 40 minutes. In the massage rooms attractive students can earn money (pay for their education) and even African emigrants who have passed a rigorous selection.

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Private apartments

An apartment can be rented by several women or one prostitute. The cost of the service can reach 1000 NIS / hour and above. It all depends on the looks confused and clientele. The main contingent is made up of beautiful and young Israeli women. Since the price is higher than in previous cases, the services will be varied. The risk of infection is minimal, you need to make an appointment in advance. Elite prostitutes in Israel may not advertise. They can be removed by phone numbers which are transmitted from word of mouth.

Strip clubs

These are the so-called sex clubs. They can be open or closed (“for club members”). Here prostitutes organize a striptease for clients. In expensive strip clubs, a stripper is allowed to sit on her knees (you may have to pay 200 shekels), and then continue your acquaintance in a separate room. In cheap clubs this is not allowed and the client is sitting in a lonely plywood booth.

Call girls

This is an elite category of sex workers. And this service is available only in Tel Aviv and Eilat. For the pleasure will come to pay up to 2000 plus will be the cost of a taxi at both ends. The girl can be called in the hotel room or zimmer. The service is provided by beautiful and educated Israeli women. Foreign women can be met, but this is rare. Students of Israeli universities who know several languages ​​and are able to satisfy the needs of clients not only in bed, but also on business trips and other areas of life are also allowed to work.

Here, perhaps, are the 6 main categories of female sex workers in the tourist sphere in Israel. Each customer can choose what he can afford and soul.



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