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What is an escort in Israel?

If at the word "escort" you think only about sexual services, you are fundamentally wrong! Professional escort in Israel is much deeper and more interesting than banal sex for an hour or two in a hotel room.

Unfortunately, many agencies and salons have spoiled the meaning of this concept. But in fact, the escort includes not only sex, but also maintenance, pleasant communication, rest in body and soul.

Who is the escort in Israel?

If you want to understand the meaning of this escort - go to https://israel-escorts.com/; We are the only ones who have kept the traditions of this escort. Each girl submitting the questionnaire on the site is thoroughly tested by moderators.

Therefore, we can confidently assert that all of them are not only beautiful, but also intelligent, educated and very educated.

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How does an escort model differ from an ordinary prostitute?

If a prostitute simply has sex with a client, the girl from the escort becomes a close and understanding person to him, even if it is for a short time. She is not ashamed to tell the problem, will share his painful. She will never judge and will always find a way to console. Most often - quite frank.

Need to meet business partners or old friends? Will you take a prostitute there? Another thing - the girls who put profiles on our website. All of them speak several languages, behave impeccably in societies and are ready to support the conversation on any topic. Such a companion will charm anyone and give you the role of a female conqueror.

Sometimes in the media there is a phrase that prostitution is imprinted on the girl's face. This is obviously not about beauties involved in escort! They do not sell their bodies - they value communicating with interesting men. And sex is a nice addition that both parties enjoy.

This well-groomed, which makes a fairy fairytale out of every girl - must-have for individuals working in an escort. They try to look perfect, because they know that at any moment a gentleman can call or write them - maybe even you!

Such a girl is able to give genuine pleasure, because she herself is genuinely passionate about the process - isn’t this better than quick intercourse under a timer?

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An escort in Israel is somewhat similar to the geisha philosophy in Japan - they try to satisfy not only your body, but also your soul.

With such a companion, it is not shameful to appear on a social events, and then to finish it with a pleasant and disturbing sequel.

Exquisite and elegant lady who turns into a relaxed slut in bed? Such a lot of men imagine an elegant woman!

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If this is your dream, feel free to choose a girl among individuals https://israel-escorts.com/ !; Whoever you like - relaxed Vika, exotic Jasmine, quivering Camilla or gentle Dolly, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Still in doubt? Men who have spent time with girls will convince you!


When I first entered the Israeli market, it was necessary to meet with potential partners in Netanya. They wanted to see only with the "second half". There were difficulties - my wife recently broke up, but he did not want to represent his one-time girls. Clearly not the level. On the Internet, accidentally came across israel-escorts.com. Unlike other similar sites - the ability to directly communicate with the girl. There he found Diana. Explained the task, but, to be honest, he doubted. Until I saw that on her background, the wives of my partners look ... not very. And I'm not just about looks. Manners, erudition, humor ... And about the continuation of the night, I do not even speak - it is so beautiful that there are no words!


When I arrived in Bat Yam, I wanted to take a break from the "family comfort". I was looking for a prostitute, but ... I found much more. Accidentally hit the profile of Nastya. Damn, I haven’t had one yet! We agreed on the whole night right away and when I arrived, it seemed to me that they were waiting for me. I have not seen such a wife for five years. Honestly, I didn’t have such nights. Rough sex was interspersed with tender hugs and talk about everything. It seems that now I know what a real woman is!

Do not limit yourself - find out what a real escort in Israel is with the professionals of this business!



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